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Faces of India

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I love my India! 🙂


Take a look at the people of India……their faces, their pride…their lives.

DSCF6164 Street food vendor in Agra market

DSCF5895 Volunteer in Delhi Sikh Temple kitchen preparing food for 1100 people a day

school bus School girls leaving Ghandi shrine in Delhi

nancyc Snake charmer in Amber Fort in Jaipur

DSCF6454 Little girl who started following us in Jaipur

13892146597_41fd90522d_b Craftsman in Agra inserting semi-precious stones into marble

13892166257_1f2c87aab8_b School boys, courtesy of Nancy Leung

13892168117_55244debd0_b Sikhs at Temple in Delhi

14075568961_6c5e24e3f1_b Doorman, courtesy of Nancy Leung

14075569551_5b9f99f2d0_b (1) Jaipur woman, courtesy of Nancy Leung

13892176439_3d1e6b176a_b Receiving the blessing, courtesy of Nancy Leung

13892181539_aabac79511_b Guard at Unknown Soldier, India Gate, Delhi

13892186019_b4e8821ae0_b kids on a team, courtesy of Nancy Leung

13892191918_2878195e7e_b Shop by the road, courtesy of Nancy Leung

13892199098_479392e1a8_b Street food vendor, courtesy of Nancy Leung

13892210000_36011f8d40_b On a motorcycle, courtesy of Nancy Leung

13907402167_517dea2d41_b Climbing up, courtesy of Nancy Leung (I think this is the winner of the being ready at the right time prize!!)

14075606161_3ed3e87589_b Wedding guests…

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