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Happy endings.


When friends tell me that I’ve a pathological need for closure. I strongly disagree. Of course I don’t! All I have is a pathological need for a proper closure.

Are you also the same? You also have ‘The pathological need for a proper closure‘ if :-

* You do not like endings.
* It always leaves you in a melancholic, pensive mood.
* But that’s not the issue. You have learnt that with every end comes a new start.
* You just need the end to be “happy”.
* Be it a season, a course, a good movie or a book ( or a friendship or life )… you would like to have a proper goodbye.
* This condition, many a times, makes you go beyond yourself and attach more importance to things and people than they deserve and even risk self respect at times.

If you have answered all the above ‘yes’ and you make sure that endings are “happy”, then well done, you’re living life the right way! 😀 😛