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Stasis in Darkness

So they preach you what success is;

Sunlight through the vacant mist,

They tell you you need to fall in love

Whilst the sun shines up above,

And get your grades, your degree, your career;

Pass away each ugly year

Washing pans, eating food,

Act all kind, nice, subdued,

Raise your kids, slip on a ring,

They mean more; they’re your everything,

Your husband needs his clothes cleaned,

The children need their parties themed,

And the office goes out for a Christmas do,

Get really drunk, you do too.

But you wake up in the early morning.

You feel sad, mourning, yawning.

Your life has passed and your husband snores;

Only now you notice all his flaws.

You never did go travelling, did you?

Not like you said you would do.

And you never found yourself; you’re still lost,

Your heart as cold as winter frost.

They told you to…

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Night and Delight.


Sigh, oh heart, as you marvel at the moon again,
Along with the pleasant sight, comes a sweet pain.
Jewels in the sky, they speak in mimes,
I bade my heart build poor rhymes.
Dread has followed longing,
Ah, lost love will always be haunting.
Look! The sky shares your tears,
It has come to wash away your fears! 

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Rewind, Unwind.

              ~ Edgar Allan Poe.

As I read this, the following aria from The Bohemian Girl popped up in my mind :

When other lips and other hearts
Their tales of love shall tell,
In language whose excess imparts
The power they feel so well:
There may, perhaps, in such a scene,
Some recollection be
Of days that have as happy been,
And you’ll remember me!

*We make several friends in our life, some stay along and some carry on. This is for those with whom I have lost touch.*