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The Great Indian Numaish!



Numaish Masnuaat-e-Mulki or Numaish also known as Exhibition is an annual consumer exhibition held in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.The exhibition has remained the only event of its kind in the world to be organised at a stretch for a 46-day period at its 23-acre permanent venue in Nampally.

It features joy rides, eateries and other entertainment options for the visitors.

A small numaish runs outside the gates of the real numaish!

numaish outside numaish

The exhibition does not onlyΒ  ground for big traders butΒ  small vendors of toys and flowers makes a decent business during the fare.


Ethnic goods on sale.

accessories 2

With all the colours and taste inside one boundary it stands out to be a perfect example of a successful free market business.Β 

accessoriesGemstone jewellery.

accessories 3

Glossy items.

sale kashmiri 1

From Kashmir to Kerala, from lucknow to calcutta there are stalls varying from crockery to garments

kashmiri 2 kashmiri works bags

You would find almost everything here!

Numaish-Nampally-Exhibition my shiny goggles

Shiny specs πŸ˜›


Shawls, dresses,saris, Chikankari, Lucknowi.

random 2

Some 350 stalls are run by people from Kash-mir, another 400 from UP and 250 from Bihar.

rainbow bangles dry fruits

Real Kashmiri dry fruits.


Street foods.

food chocolate fountain

The Chocolate Fountain!


Who doesn’t love popcorn?

chocolate popcorn

Cho-co-late popcorn!

Patthar Ka Gosht Kababs 09



The Rides

the giant wheel

The Giant Wheel

atop the wheel

View from the Wheel.

top ride rocket columbus ride trains

The Joy ride – Train. πŸ˜€

well of danger 1

The Well of Death a.k.a Maut ka Kua!

well of danger 2

Daredevils perform breathtaking skills in the well of death at Numaish.

well of danger sugar candy

Sugar candy!

X last

Numaish, an industrial exhibition held up for almost 46 days andΒ homing around 2000 stalls is the pride of Hyderabad city.Β 


Author: parchedsouls

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15 thoughts on “The Great Indian Numaish!

  1. Heyie! That’s one cool post on Numaish. Are you from Hyderabad or in Hyderabad now?
    I LOVE kashmiri jewellery stalls.
    I have been meaning to do a post on Numaish as well. Will post it soon insha’Allah.

  2. Great post, Numaish is one of the quintessential Hyderabadi things!

    I remember when I first went there as a kid and got a bubble-maker and a whistle πŸ™‚
    Have you been there this year?

    PS: might want to check the first two images, they don’t seem to load for me.

    • Thanks. Yes, Hyderabad’s pride, it is! πŸ˜€

      Yes, I have been there and guess what, I got a bubble maker! In fact I get it every year! πŸ˜›

      Checked. Hope it works fine now. Thanks. πŸ™‚

  3. FAscinating! I should definitely pay a visit to Numaish πŸ™‚ Looks rather intriguing to me… So many things on display at one single place…Almost like the ‘melas’ we went for as kids…

  4. I live in Pakistan, and it’s only because of a friend (Miss Maqsood, actually) that I get to hear about Numaish so much. I loved these photos! Especially that of the Kebabs πŸ˜‰ and the giant wheel and the view from up there and the bangles and the deco. *-* And the death-well.

    Just so beautiful. And such a wonderful thing to have so many stalls from so many places. 350 you say from Kashmir and 400 + 250 from UP and Bihar? Wow! I wish I was there to see this stuff.
    Anyway, nice reading your blog! Have fun there! πŸ™‚

    – Maria.

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