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How I met my…. lover cat.



People often ask me how anyone could ever welcome the Indian summer. Well of course, there’s the scorching sun, the sweltering heat, the hot winds, the humidity, the unwanted tan and the long, loooong power cuts. But my answer is always simple – ice creams, ice candies, watermelon, mocktails, lassi and faluda !!!

Yeah, well, that’s me. th (1)

The summer before last, I happened to read somewhere about the countless birds that die due to heat and dehydration. The Indian summer is indeed brutal. Something had to be done. On my brother’s suggestion, we bought a shallow clay pot, filled it with clean and cool water and placed it in the courtyard of my house.

Trust me, the pleasure of watching all kinds of birds visit the pot is priceless. 

That year, a cat had visited. I tried to shoo it away – maybe it was too thirsty or just too stubborn – but it stayed and lapped the water.

And so the love affair began. 😛 Everyday, I noticed the cat and it noticed me. We smiled and things seemed so much sweeter. It came under the pretext of drinking water and that’s how we became friends. The rest of the story is boring and predictable. 😀

Of course, it didn’t last more than a year (not even more than that summer actually) between us. 😛

My point is, besides the joy and entertainment, you may also find a friend or a P~ wait-for-it ~ET. Pet!

So please, let’s get an earthenware bowl, fill it with water and place it on the terrace, in the balcony, veranda, garden or outside the window and save the winged friend of ours.



Author: parchedsouls

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3 thoughts on “How I met my…. lover cat.

  1. For us, we care for the birds by putting out seed in feeders when the snow is on the ground. It’s hard for them to find food, so they do appreciate a place where they can find it. I love the idea of providing water in the heat. Such a nice thing to do!

  2. Do you not get bugs, as well? I’d be concerned about a pot of water drawing flies or mosquitoes. At least, that’s the concern where I live. The local “authorities” discourage pots and even puddles of open water during summer and autumn months as these will draw and multiply menacing bugs. But, so will dry wood (drawing wasps) and fresh food out in the open (drawing yellow jackets and ants).

    I am similarly trying to befriend squirrels in my area. I see cats but have not been able to get close to one since 2009 when I met a rare stray who was sadly suffering from those little black worms in the butt…bleh! [I dream of meeting and befriending a tiger.]

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