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Female = Fe + Male

Fe = Iron

Male = Man

∴ Female = Iron Man

Iron Man = Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr = Awesomeness

∴ Female = Awesomeness!



Ta-da! 😀

Author: parchedsouls

Diploma in Fashion Design. M.A in English Literature. Bachelor of Education. Teacher.

12 thoughts on “Yippie-ki-yay!

  1. Nice interpretation 😉

  2. Well done!

  3. Dork-a-rific. But, I don’t consider RD, Jr awesomeness. He’s a reckless, unpredictable whirlwind of rebellion; I can never be sure when he is folding into “toolhood” or sticking it to the system. He does a good Tony Stark, but I had someone else in mind for the part.

    I like your breakdown of female, though. That’s awesome. [And, my sort of clever/complex, Riddler from Batman thinking.] 🙂

    • And who did you have in mind for Iron Man?

      • My first thought was Eric Dane, one of the doctors from Grey’s Anatomy. I felt he came the closest to the comic book image and demeanor. RD, Jr. pulled off a similar look, but I felt he was a bit erratic at times. Granted, I don’t think Dane could be as comical as RD, Jr.

      • On that note, I also think Dr Strange was miscast. They tried to diversify the roles in some odd “no stereotypes” way that seems to have stirred the very problem they tried to avoid. I don’t think Cumberpatch was a good fit for Dr Strange. [And, strangely, Dr. Strange kinda resembles Tony Stark. So…]

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