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Not a day passes by

When you don’t cross my mind

If I knew what was to happen

The day you passed away

I’d take the time to tell you

All the things I needed to say

I never got to tell you

How much you mean to me

I’d have hugged you tight

And seen your precious smile

I never got to tell you

How sorry I am

For all the wrongs of my life

For all the times I hurt you, dad

I often sit in silence

And think about you

I miss you a lot

In moments of joy

But I miss you more

When I am weak

I stay strong all day

But at night I weep

        When I have no one to reach

I gaze at the sky

Then I fall asleep

There are so many things

That reminds me of you

Your memories that I hold

Are more precious than gold

They say time’s a healer

I know that is true

But it’s been 1095 days

And dad, I still miss you.


Author: parchedsouls

Diploma in Fashion Design. M.A in English Literature. Bachelor of Education. Teacher.

14 thoughts on “Dad

  1. Such tenderness in a sweet sorrow.

  2. This is lovely and I’m sorry for your loss. I miss my Dad still after 17 years, grief is hard. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and for the follow.

  3. Ouch.

  4. A heart felt, wonderfully written verse. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I miss my dad too.And my aunt Ileana.

  6. Hey, I really hope you’re doing fine and enjoying your life. That’s what he would love to see you do! And you’re a strong girl, so please enjoy and live your life to the fullest. I couldn’t do much but I did something.
    For youu.
    God bless!

    • Hi. I do feel a little awkward when people offer condolences. I am sincerely grateful for it but I guess I just don’t know what to say in return!
      What you did here actually made me smile! I wonder if you realise the power of your gesture! It not only did make feel better but also instilled hope. Hope for humanity.
      Thanks a lot Srijan! I hope good meets you at every path of life! 🙂

    • The link now seems to be broken… can you fix it?

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