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Not a day passes by

When you don’t cross my mind

If I knew what was to happen

The day you passed away

I’d take the time to tell you

All the things I needed to say

I never got to tell you

How much you mean to me

I’d have hugged you tight

And seen your precious smile

I never got to tell you

How sorry I am

For all the wrongs of my life

For all the times I hurt you, dad

I often sit in silence

And think about you

I miss you a lot

In moments of joy

But I miss you more

When I am weak

I stay strong all day

But at night I weep

        When I have no one to reach

I gaze at the sky

Then I fall asleep

There are so many things

That reminds me of you

Your memories that I hold

Are more precious than gold

They say time’s a healer

I know that is true

But it’s been 1095 days

And dad, I still miss you.

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My attempt.


The heart bloomed

Like a rose ready to be plucked

Parched, it longed not for water

Only love was its thirst

And there it found

What it yearned for so long

Everything ever dreamt was

Put up as a crown

And life was perfect

Until he left

And remember

No rose ever wishes to be plucked.


Which poetic form are you?

free verse


I found this quiz on PlayBuzz called “Which Poetic Form are You?”  http://www.playbuzz.com/jjsaddress10/which-poetic-form-are-you

I decided I would take the quiz and whatever my result was, I would try to write one. I challenge you all, whether you consider yourself a poet or not, to take this quiz and write whatever style you get. Just give it a try. 

Btw, this was my result and its description:

You appreciate the wild and wonderful, the wily twist, the winsome word. Instead of conforming to expectations, you let yourself loose on the open world. You think beyond the normal. You draft with difference. You sculpt anew.

You are: Free Verse.