Wandering With Words

Random musings of a reckless soul.

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Night and Delight.


Sigh, oh heart, as you marvel at the moon again,
Along with the pleasant sight, comes a sweet pain.
Jewels in the sky, they speak in mimes,
I bade my heart build poor rhymes.
Dread has followed longing,
Ah, lost love will always be haunting.
Look! The sky shares your tears,
It has come to wash away your fears! 


In the dark there was a Rainbow.


When the night brings darkness

A ladder descends

Each star a rung.

Pretending to sleep, I ascend

Clouds under my feet

Feel soft and warm

The moon a ballroom floor

Stars my partners

“I admire you every night”

Say I, to the moon

“So do I”  she repeats

I smile when company arrives

Under my feet the raindrops sprout to life

Come with us and feel the surge

I relent when they urge

Flying down, nearing my bed

They tucked me in and sang my lullaby

When in a while I opened my eyes


In the dark there was a Rainbow.