Wandering With Words

Random musings of a reckless soul.

Winged Words.

Life is uncertain. Very. I learnt it when my father passed on to another world. He was asleep. There was no sign of pain, no movement. He left in peace; without a word.

My father always asked me to love the life I have been given. Love life the way it was. While I believed in making life worth loving. When he left, he left me with a lesson. Never waste time grumbling over what you do not have. Sure, never drift into complacency, but do not miss the fun you could have now. Create memories you’d want to relive.

A long time ago, someone asked me, “If you were to cry, would tears flow or words?”

Finally, I have found the answer. Words.

Earlier, tears came and propelled me to write. Then words would arrive. That was my secret. That was how I kept my anger and emotions at bay. But all that time, my writings were my personal stuff. I wrote only for myself. There was no audience and I liked it that way.

Now, the tears have stopped. Words flow when I feel low. And instead of chaining my emotions, they free me and take me along. Winged words. I feel better as I write.

And that, is the reason I have started this blog. Dumb or wise, silly or sane, useful or useless, whatever my words might be, they are my creation. I choose to share it with the world.

So when I say goodbye, I will leave the legacy of words.

15 thoughts on “Winged Words.

  1. Uffff…. U certainly spoke through me girl!!!!!!!! …. no other words to say!!!!!!!…… Intention of writing is again similar between us!!!… I don’t know the language English better as you but yes I have the heart which understands the emotion hiding behind your words!!!

  2. May Allah bless your father soul in life hereafter, ameen

  3. What a lovely about page. Welcome.

  4. someone asked me, “If you were to cry, would tears flow or words?”
    Finally, I have found the answer. Words…just deeply touched I am..

  5. It’s funny how releasing words can free us from all sorts of turmoil. As frustrating as writing is at times, it soothes and heals a battered soul. Until next time, write on, my new blogging friend. 🙂

    • The beauty of writing is that it allows you to release your feelings and come to terms with the problems but does not hurt anyone
      else because you are writing for yourself.
      Hidden things are submerged until words rescue them from a dark ravine.

  6. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. aah ur lucky, i still cant control my anger !!

  8. Tears has the most cleansing power. Whether you’re sad, angry, disappointed that make you feel your heart is squeezed tight, tears release the toxin and soften your heart. A good cry refreshes you. We can not change anyone. We could only change ourselves. I too find more words when I have tears, because that is the time my deeper emotion is touched. Thank you for liking my post.

  9. Yes I agree,it’s by writing out your / our feelings,let them run free,that we can gain some sanity ! Keep your soul on an even keel,and make some sense of the world,and particularly the people in it,who at times,make no sense at all.Thank you for choosing to follow what I write.I appreciate it.

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